Senior Department

The Senior market is the fastest growing segment of the population. Oberlin Marketing is your partner that understands this industry, provides clarity, and helps support your direction.  As baby boomers approach retirement and “age in” to Medicare,  they are eligible for many options of Senior Health Insurance. Close to 10,000 people turn 65 every day! Traditional Medicare Supplements offer worry-free coverage with optimal benefits. Medicare Advantage offers a low cost alternative co-pay plan. Whether you’re looking for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drugs plans or Long Term Care, contact Oberlin Marketing for the most competitive contracts and products for all your Senior Health needs!  Oberlin Marketing is about helping you, the agent, build a business that will last and succeed.  The Senior market is here to stay, so allow us to help diversify and be an expert support of your business.


Are your clients looking for low-cost alternatives to traditional Medicare Supplements? Medicare Advantage Plans have premiums as low as $0/month! Instead of paying high monthly premiums, choose a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage Plans offer coverage at least as good as Original Medicare, while often including many more benefits like dental and vision! Instead of high monthly premiums, clients are responsible for copayments and coinsurance while continuing to pay Part B premiums. Often clients can save money by not paying expensive Medicare Supplement premiums while still having predictable health care costs. senior-medicare-advantage
Medicare Supplements offer coverage from private insurance companies to fill in the “holes” or “gaps” of Original Medicare. Medicare Supplements provide lower out of pocket costs, more coverage than Original Medicare and are guaranteed renewable. Medigap plans are traditional and dependable with the rising costs of Medicare. We offer all the major carriers including United of Omaha, Gerber, Medico, United HealthCare, Loyal American and many more! senior-med-supp
With Baby Boomers approaching retirement, the senior market is rapidly growing every day. Seniors are living longer due to healthier diets, better medical care and safer living and working environments. The estimated risk for needing Long Term Care continues to climb with each passing year. Now, the Federal government estimates that each individual has a 70% chance of needing Long Term Care in their lifetime. Many seniors do not realize that Long Term Care is not covered by Medicare. The costs of Long Term Care can be devastating to a family. Contact Oberlin Marketing today for a LTC quote! senior-long-term-care
Prescription Drug Plans offer credible Medicare Part D coverage for your clients Prescription and Rx needs. Clients often benefit from having a private insurance company help cover the cost of their drugs. Prescription Drug Plans can either be standalone (PDP) plans alongside a Medicare Supplement, or they can be integrated into a Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD). These plans can be difficult to understand when trying to explain the Coverage Gap, “Donut Hole” and potential late enrollment penalties. Premiums, deductibles, copays and formularies vary between every carrier. Let Oberlin Marketing help you navigate which Part D plan will be best for your client. seniors-prescription-drug-plans